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Entry #1

Street Fighta

2008-07-05 00:29:37 by EasterIsland

Are you ready for the greatest street fighter battle ever to hit Newgrounds? Use this link to get into all the action!


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2008-07-05 00:40:36

i liked it, more plz :D

EasterIsland responds:

OK! *opens up a flash document*


2008-07-05 01:40:23

very cool

EasterIsland responds:

Thank you. I can't tell if you're joking or not but thank you anyway.


2008-07-07 02:39:25

omfg pandabearkitten, its not bad enough that you troll on me but apparently you have to be an ass to everyone >:C

EasterIsland responds:

Well, I'll tell you what, he's one ass that needs to be wiped! LOLZ!